Front pathway

After finishing a corporate shoot at the LimberLost Quarry north of Owen Sound I told Steve Lowe (GM) about a project underway back home. A few weeks earlier I finally started redoing my front walkway and porch. In the summer, with this project in mind, I liberated a number of beautiful old Precambrian stones from an old house that was being demolished. Steve asked when the house would have been built and I thought in the 1950’s. The master of stone quarry’s in southern Ontario for the past 25yrs, Steve made an astute guess as to which quarry the stone came from and its colour and texture. I asked if he might have some stone that matched as I was a few short. Well Steve was super helpful and took me around the quarry until we found a nice little pile of stone that closely matched and the next thing I knew we had three big pieces in the back of my van. Thanks to the everyone at LimberLost for a great 2 day shoot and for helping me complete my beautiful new front pathway!

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